Coronation Street SPOILER: Watch the moment when a horrified Steve and Tracy learn their daughter Amy, 14, is PREGNANT in shocking new scenes

It was recently revealed that a fresh round of drama is set to descend on Coronation Street, with the news that 14-year-old Amy Barlow is pregnant.

And footage from the moment that the youngster, played by Elle Mulvaney, makes the bombshell revelation to her parents Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) has now been unveiled.

In scenes set to air on ITV on Monday night, the distressed teen is ushered into her parents’ living room by concerned grandmother Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) before all hell breaks loose as she learns Steve and Tracy already know the news.

After discovering she’s pregnant, Amy decides she wants to get an abortion — but needs an adult with her as she is underage, prompting her to contact Liz.

Liz subsequently advises her to tell her parents, before discovering that they already know, after finding her pregnancy test.

‘It’s good that you’re both here because Amy’s got something to tell you,’ Liz tells Steve and Tracy as she puts a protective arm around her granddaughter.

‘Here, maybe I can help you,’ a furious Steve immediately interjects, as he waves the pregnancy testing kit in their faces.

As Tracy calmly asks her offspring why she didn’t tell her, Steve yelled: ‘I can tell you why she didn’t flipping tell you — it’s because she’s 14 and she’s let somebody get her up the duff!’

With Tracy attempting to keep things calm, once again in vain, a visibly upset Amy shouts back: ‘This is why I wanted a termination.’

‘She is our priority now,’ urges Liz, prompting Steve to angrily respond: ‘My priority is to find out who had sex with my underage daughter!’

Following another round of yelling, Steve suddenly believes it could be Dev Alahan’s (Jimmi Harkishin) son who got her pregnant, and storms out of the room, presumably in search of him.

However, the drama won’t stop on just one doorstep, as Amy’s cousin Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) will also stand accused of getting her pregnant.

The shock ‘incest’ twist comes about after the teenager discovers she is expecting a child and decides to confide in Simon about her situation. judi poker online

However, her protective father Steve jumps to the wrong conclusion when he spots the two talking.

While the situation is only made worse when Amy’s mother Tracy reads a text from Simon’s father Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) on Amy’s phone.

The feisty character subsequently accuses Simon of getting her teenage daughter pregnant, which he denies.

However, despite Amy’s baby daddy being someone else, it’s soon clear that something is going on and that Simon is hiding something.

Meanwhile, after her daughter refuses to reveal who the father is, Tracy continues to accuse Simon of being the dad.

This leads to Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) getting involved as she defends her son and the two protective mothers get into an argument, which only upsets Amy.

But this won’t be the only shock twist in store during the pregnancy storyline and it is revealed that the teenager is further along in her pregnancy than she’s let on.

Despite Amy telling Tracy that she got pregnant during a party in December, it is soon revealed at the baby scan that she is 10 weeks gone.

While later on at the family planning clinic, she is told that she will need a surgical termination as she is at a later stage in her pregnancy.